Fall 2015

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Fall 2015


On behalf of the Tempe Elementary School District, I would like to introduce you to our quarterly e-Newsletter. This will provide another platform for you to stay informed about the great things happening in our Tempe Elementary school communities. In this newsletter, you will find in-depth information on different topics and initiatives and how they impact our work in achieving our vision, mission, and goals.

We are committed to providing exceptional learning opportunities for our students, parents, and staff. In addition to offering core content instruction in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, we also offer PE and Music in all schools, kindergarten through eighth grade; Band, Orchestra, Choir in fifth through eighth grades; Art, Foreign Language, Family and Consumer Science, STEM, One-to-One Computing for our middle school students, Symphonic Band, Sustainability, Coding, Video Production, and a variety of other electives throughout our middle schools.

We offer outstanding preschool opportunities; exceptional K-5 experiences in high-achieving schools; a plethora of learning environments for middle school students such as Fees College Preparatory Middle School, a STEM school focusing on individualized learning for all students; Connolly Middle School, a National AVID Demonstration school also housing ASPIRE Academy, home of our most academically gifted middle school students; Ward Traditional K-8 Academy; and Tempe Academy of International Studies, an Authorized International Baccalaureate Middle Years World School.

Our community plays a key role in helping us accomplish our goals. We hope this newsletter is engaging and invites you to be part of our journey in building a bright future for all of our children.

Enjoy our first edition!


Christine Busch


Tempe Elementary First Day of School 2015 Slide Show

Tempe Academy of International Studies Becomes Authorized International Baccalaureate World School

ASPIRE Academy Chosen as Demonstration Site for National Gifted Conference

Fees College Prep Adds Dance and Theater Electives

Rover Elementary Introduces Instrumental Music to Third-Graders

TD3 Tech Cadre: How Tempe Elementary is Integrating Technology into the Classroom

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Featured Bond Project: Laird School Renovation

Laird School is being rebuilt thanks to the Tempe voters who authorized the 2009 Bond. For the 2015-2016 school year, Laird students will be housed at Meyer School.

View the design and construction monthly updates.



Featured Capital Override Project: One-to-One Computing

Thanks to Tempe voters approving a Capital Override in 2014, all sixth-graders in the District have received Chromebooks. More than 1,200 Chromebooks are being used by students in every class throughout the day. This includes students at Connolly Middle School, Fees College Prep, Gililland Middle School, Laird School, and Ward Traditional Academy. Tempe Academy of International Studies students have been using Chromebooks since the school opened in 2013. Read more...


The State of Arizona will not be assigning letter grades to Arizona schools from the 2014-2015 school year or for the 2015-2016 school year. Because of the introduction of the AzMERIT assessment, the state will be evaluating the test results and adjusting the letter grade system accordingly. Districts are not permitted to display letter grades on any promotional materials including websites, banners, brochures, etc.

In order to measure our students' progress, Tempe Elementary School District uses the NWEA Measure of Academic Progress. This test is given three times a year (fall, winter, and spring) in the subjects of reading, math, and language arts (grades one through eight) and science (fourth and eighth grade only).

Results are used to guide specific instruction in the classroom and set goals for individual students. Giving the test multiple times allows us to measure growth and track progress.

From the period of fall 2014 to spring 2015, on the whole there was above-average growth in reading and math throughout our District. Curry Elementary School and Fuller Elementary School achieved exceptionally high growth in reading and math.


Do you find yourself asking, "Why does this math look so different? This isn't how I learned it when I was in school."

If the answer is yes, you are not alone. There have been major changes in math instruction in the last five years. Students are expected to learn math at a deeper level. One way we are supporting teachers and students to achieve this goal is through the use of the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Please click here to learn more about these standards and how you can support your child.


Become a Tempe Elementary Business Partner!

There are several ways a business can partner with the Tempe Elementary School District. Partnerships provide resources and curriculum-based opportunities to Tempe Elementary School District students and staff. Programs allow business and community members to connect schools with resources thus providing literacy, math, social studies, fine arts, science, health, and physical education experiences to students who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

Learn more about becoming a business partner


Parents, Community Members, and Students - We Want to Hear From You!

Share a story of excellence - tell us about a teacher or instructional assistant who went the extra mile, a student who had an unforgettable experience at school, a cafeteria helper or custodian who put a smile on your face, a program in the Tempe Elementary community that has made a difference in a child's life... the possibilities are endless. Submit your stories and photos easily online. Stories may be published on www.tempeschools.org or shared on our social media outlets.

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